About this Site

What is Baomon.com and where did it come from? What's on this site and why am I here? Here are a few answers to these questions.

Back in highschool, everyone has nicknames. My icq name at one point was Bao-wow Yobo, which was a mix between two different nicknames, Bao-wow (like the sound a dog makes) and Yobo, which is more like a short form for "Yo Bao". Later, Dan was already known as Dan-man, but only sometimes, and thus came Baoman, which had a theme song similar to Batman's theme song, but with Bao instead of Bat.

My baby bro loved Pokemon during that time, and he had amazing memorization abilities, and he could name all 151 original pokemon in the correct order, so at parties, he would just approach you and all of a sudden talk about Pokemon or sing the Pokerap. I didn't mind Pokemon at the time, so I guess you could say I "liked" Pokemon too, not that that's a bad thing. So Navin then converted the unoriginal Baoman name to Baomon, due to my brother's love for Pokemon. So now I was a Pokemon as well, although my name resembled more like a Digimon. But long story short, it stuck, and thus I kept the name Baomon.

Prior to June 2002, my webspace was on my dad's company web page server, but then it had to move, obviously because a personal site shouldn't be affliated with a company web page. So then I moved my stuff to a new webserver, hostned.com, and registered baomon.com (as bao.com was already taken) and... voila. Here is my new home.

So since June 2002, I had baomon.com registered, and I always wanted a new site, but it wasn't until late July 2003 when I started working on this site. Prior to that I only had a content-missing layout for my Portfolio page and a message board. At first the message board was just a test. I have a new domain name, so I wanted to test a lot of new stuff on it that I couldn't previously do on my dad's server. I had a lot of web space, so I could do a lot more. So the message board started as a fun test, but then continually grew into what it is today.

And now, Baomon.com has a personal website, this site, also called Baomon :: Blue. The name came from the layout, which I created a day prior to making this site. I just put stuff together, and voila... then came the site. And the rest... as they say... is history. Or Future, in this case.

What's here
The website was just started, so content is lacking. But for now, here's a brief rundown on what's here:
Home - The main page.
What's New - Check to see what's new with the site; new pages uploaded, extra artwork added, etc.
About this site - This is what you are looking at now.
About me - Here there's information about me and things related to me.
Images and Videos - Here I will put images of my friends and I, images of places I visited, party pics, 2d and 3d artwork, and video clips I created.
Flash - A page hosting any flash animations or games that I make. I also might post tutorials, even though I'm not that great at it.
Video Games - As one of my greater passions, I decided to dedicate a section to it. I'm not sure what will be here yet, but probably images and screenshots of games, links, reviews, and things like that.
Anime - This is another great passion of mine, so I'm dedicating a page for that too. Like videogames, there will be reviews and screenshots and things like that here.
Links - Uhhh... here are links to stuff.
Message Boards - Here is a link to the ever famous Bao Boards.

The Baomon::Blue Layout is mine... I created the graphics and the layout. Many of the pictures on here, I took, or my friends took. Anyway, not all of the content (images, videos, etc) on my site are mine, so I try to give credit whenever I can. If I haven't given you credit for something that is yours, please contact me; also, if you would like me to take down anything for some reason (whether it's copyright infringed, your own work, a personal photograph, etc), contact me.

Also, please do not take any of the personal pictures (of myself, friends, etc) or any other personal artwork without my permission, and do not link directly to these files from other servers. Thanks. bknh@hotmail.com.