Message Boards

One year after obtaining, the site has not been finished yet, although the message boards are doing very well. If you're a member of my message boards and you just came here to get the link to my message boards, here it is:
Link to the Bao Boards. (link will open to new window)

If you are NOT a member of my message boards... well, let's just say that the members of my boards are either

a) Somebody I invited to join (such as a real life friend, or an internet friend), or
b) Somebody a friend from the boards invited to join.

So long story short, to join the boards you should be invited to join the boards, although several people have joined by somehow finding through some means without being invited. So if you're not invited, I recommend you don't join the boards. We don't generally welcome non-invited members. If you would like to join the boards and you talk to me on a regular basis (via e-mail, icq, msn, real life or otherwise), feel free to ask me. If I don't know you at all, then I probably wouldn't want you to post on my boards. However, feel free to browse the board.

Once again, here's the link:
Bao Boards. (link will open to new window)

Temporary link to the whiteboards: