This is the links page. Here are links to other sites I've created, as well as other useful links such as other message boards, video game sites, anime sites, websites of friends, other fun sites and other useful information. Some of these links might have appeared in other sections of this site, but are placed here again for easier reference. Below I grouped the sites in different categories for easier navigation. Each link opens into a new window. This page is still under construction and links will be continually added... maybe.

Other Bao Pages
Bao's Devil May Cry Media Page - This site hosts images, audio and video clips from the popular Playstation 2 action game, Devil May Cry. Also hosted is my Devil May Cry/Slayer music video, using Slayer's Raining Blood along with some Devil May Cry in-game and cinematic footage.
Bao's "Friends" Page - Back in Summer 2000, when I graduated from highschool, I made this page to share with my friends. On this page there are pictures of friends and videos, and other stuff to help us remember the great years we had in highschool. However, the site was never completed, but there are plenty of pictures of friends here. Many of the pictures on this current site originated from that site.

Pages of Friends

Flash Games and Animations
Flash Stuff - This page hosts a few popular flash files, as well also hosts a few videogame video walkthroughs. Flash files hosted here include the Xiaoxiao moves, the "All your base are belong to us" video, Yatta video, and the miniature golf games. It's an amusing page, although it isn't updated very often.
Orisinal Morning Sunshine - This site has their own original flash games. Many of them are innovative, and most are fun to play. The graphics are pretty good too. As well, they also do flash postcards and other things. It's a good site to go to when you want to just relax and play a few games. Games are made and added periodically, maybe once every 3-4 weeks.

Web Comics

Video Game / Anime Related

Other Fun Sites