Bao's Flash Archive

Here are my older flash projects, for your viewing pleasure. Click here to go back to the main page.

Zelda Clone - 1.5 mb exe file - 2006
This is a Legend of Zelda clone, so it's an adventure game from the top view. Your character can move around, use swords and arrows to fight enemies, get gold, buy things, etc. Recently I added the ability to load and save. The game engine I created for this game is outdated, so you can expect much better code for similar games in the future.

Backgrounds - (2006-2007)
These are mostly just dynamic flash animations, which can be used as screensavers or backgrounds for websites. They usually arise through experimentation with new flash code ideas. You can probably spend between 10 seconds and 10 minutes just watching these :) Instead of providing a link to each different background, I grouped them up into two files - so the first file is 3 backgrounds jumbled into one, and the second is two backgrounds together.

Box Particle Backgrounds - html link - Here are 3 backgrounds that showcase blocks moving in space
Biology Backgrounds - html link - Here are 2 backgrounds which just look biology related :P (note that this demo slows down if left on for too long)

Glass Shooting Man - html link - (2002)
A long time ago, there was a game for the PC called "Abuse", in which you use the keyboard to move your character and your mouse to aim and fire. It was very unique at the time, but now my game does that too! In this game, you are a stick figure with a gun, and your objective is to shoot as many pieces of glass as you can before time runs out. The graphics are simple, but it's a lot of fun. I made this game in 2002, but I recently edited it for presentation.

Beartato: Battle Ready - html link - (Late 2006)
A few years ago, a webcomic artist put up this mock-up picture of how it would look if the main character of the comic, Beartato (which is a bear that is also a potato) was in a flash game. At the time it was just a funny idea, but I decided to implement it and turn a dream into a reality. Using that image, I extracted some sprites, and within a day, I've created the actual game - Beartato: Battle Ready.

Airplane Shooter - 0.6 mb exe file - (Late 2001)
The game that started it all - the Shooter game. In this game you use the mouse to move the ship, and the spacebar to fire the lasers. The game is just one level long, but it was a good learning experience for me, as it was my first game. I made this game in 2001. Since then, my code is more efficient and I can program more complex shooters, but I haven't done so yet.

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