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Welcome to my Flash Portfolio Site! Thanks for visiting. Please watch the video below and let me showcase my best work, or scroll down below the video to play the games.

Super ToJam 5 Turbo - exe link - (May 2010)
This was our submission for TOJAM#5 in 2010. In this game, you lead a group of programmers and artists through a weekend at TOJAM. Let the hilarity ensue!

Super RoshamBlaster - exe link - (May 2009)
For TOJAM#4, we got together a big team consisting of friends and family; with 3 artists, a dedicated sound/music artist, and myself as the lone programmer, we created an old-school arcade plane/shooter game, with a unique rock/paper/scissor weapon-scheme. At the after-party, the game won 3rd place in the People's Choice Awards.

Super Cheese Repulser - html link - (May 2008)
I had so much fun at TOJAM#2 in 2007 (see below) that I returned in 2008 for TOJAM#3. This time our team consisted of Isaque Hossain, my brother, and myself, and we created another game. The game was a fan favourite among other participants from TOJAM. Read what others had to say about the game at

Super Defender Robo - html link - (May 2007)
In May 2007, I attended TOJAM#2, a programming event in which participants would create a game, from start to finish, in just 3 days. My friend Isaque Hossain and I were on a team, and for 3 days, I coded, and he drew graphics for me. The finished result was amazing and far beyond what I ever expected. The game played well, and feedback from the other programmers was outstanding. This is my favourite game I have ever made. For more information about TOJAM, visit

Megaman - exe link - (2008-2009) - 21mb
For about a year, I worked on a Megaman clone. After many months, I finished making 9 levels, 9 bosses, 9 weapons, and all the other basic things you'd expect out of a Megaman game. If you want to just watch a video of gameplay, here it is: - note that the video is from 2008, over 6 months before the game was finished:

Influenza Media - (May 2008)
In May 2008 I starting working with a startup company specializing in web-banner flash advergames, that is, advertisements that are also games, that fit inside small web-banners found on websites. I was the lone flash programmer in a team of 4. Together we produced sample flash advergames, from conceptualization and mockups, up to the final product. Below are a few samples, including early mockups and works-in-progress. (Note that these are supposed to be web banner games, so for most of them you may need to mouse-over the ad to initialize it)
NOTE: The new was not us; I did not work for this new website
    Paperthrowing Game - this would've been an ad for our own company to be placed on business websites, targeting marketing directors, looking for new ideas for ad campaigns
    Thirstade Game - this game features you, the player, experiencing tons of awesomeness after drinking a bottle of Thirstade (a fictional drink)
    Mango Teen Game - this game features you, the player, experiencing what it's like to shop at Mango Teen (a fictional teen's clothing store)

Protago - exe link / html link - (2011)
After the success of TOJAM in 2010, I thought about making another random game which lets you experience many different roles... and thus, Protago was born. If you want to just watch the game being played instead of actually playing it, check out these youtube videos here: Part 1 | Part 2

The Flower's Dream - html link - (2005)
I made my first official animation in 2005. This short, 5 minute story follows a flower having a dream. I uploaded it to, a popular flash portal, where other flash developers can view it and post comments. The animation received an average score of 7/10.

Find Mii - html link - (Early 2007)
This is a copy of Find Mii, a minigame on the Nintendo Wii. It's a game we enjoyed so much on the Wii, so it seemed like a fun challenge to bring it to Flash. This is a favourite among my friends.

  Other Flash Experience - (Late 2006)
In 2006, I worked briefly with a company (EyeReturn) that serves flash advertisements on websites. During my time there, a co-worker and I designed and completed an entire ad campaign that ran for 4 weeks. Additionally, I worked with pre-existing ads and changed them as needed by the client, and I worked on creating flash presentations that our company used to showcase their work.

  Flash Archive - (2000-2007)
For additional flash projects and demos, click here to go to the archive.

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